If you are not using eBates/Rakuten to earn cash back when shopping online, you are leaving money on the table.   Its like using a coupon for every purchase you make without the hassle of finding the coupon or applying a promotion code.  If you are not interested in saving money then don’t read any further….

I find Rakuten particularly easy to use when shopping in my browser.  I installed a little widget that starts blinking in the upper right hand corner when on a website where I can earn cash back.   

I took a couple of screen shots to show you what it looks like on LuLuLemon .com and Samsung.com:

LuLuLemon – 8% Cash Back

Samsung – 6% Cash Back

Simply click the “Activate X% Cash Back” and mostly anything I buy will earn cash back which is paid to me quarterly in what they call a “Big Fat Check.”

Rakuten also has a Mobile App.  With the Mobile App, it works a bit different. You must first go the their app, find and click the store and then shop.  Still very easy to do. I stop there before shopping Amazon where a great deal of the things I purchase are eligible for cash back (it fluctuates and I never really know until after but it is worth the one extra click).

If you are still reading and are interested in signing up, feel free to click on my Referral Code. It’s free to join.  Once you join you will earn an automatic $10 after spending $25.  The whole thing is a no-brainer.

Rakuten always provides a “Favorite Store” list for quick access.

UPDATED INFO: I have been a member since December 2017 and I have earned $535.07.  In November of this year I received a check for $253.18 which primarily resulted from a 10% Cash Back deal when we bought a new TV for the family room.   Here is my recent cash back purchase history:

And it looks like I have another $60 waiting for me.  This will undoubtedly be higher as I finish all of my Christmas shopping!

I am not going to retire on the savings but every little bit helps!

Again, here is my Rakuten referral code!

Happy Shopping!


Disclosure:  While I simply wanted all my followers to know about this awesome program, I also want to be clear and let you know that I get a modest referral fee once you sign up.


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