How much does the Peloton App cost?  Boy, I get this question a lot.

Peloton App Cost

The monthly membership fee for the Peloton App is currently $19.49 (plus tax).   For those lucky enough to sign up prior to July 2018 like me, we get access to all of the same content for $12.99.   You can cancel at any time.

As I have preached, using the Peloton Digital App is an amazing resource of at-home fitness classes. I take the spinning classes using my own Sunny exercise bike.  And let’s face it, its super-cheap compared to a gym membership, boutique class like Soul Cycle or buying the actual Peloton bike and later realizing you do not like to spin.  In fact, I recommend people try the Peloton alternative on a less expensive bike to see if they like the classes before going all in and buying the Peloton.  I mean, how terrible would it be if you went all in with the Peloton bike and then get bored with spinning – you’ll end up with an expensive bike with an attached monitor that cannot be used for anything else.  Although there is a pretty solid resale market out there.

Although there is over 20 live studio classes per day, because of my schedule I tend to take any of over 10,000 on-demand (pre-recorded classes).  It gives me a bit more flexibility on when to start and I really do not see much difference between a live and pre-recorded exercise class.  For my  at home spinning needs, I stream the classes from the Peloton App on my iPad to my TV (via Apple TV); however, if I am on the floor during an abs routine or yoga, I find it easier to watch on my iPad. Its very easy to navigate between the two.   The Peloton classes are also available via web, iPhone and Android devices.

Variety of App Classes

While I tend to stick with the spin cycling and abs type classes, you can also access other classes like Boot Camp,  Yoga, Stretching, Meditation,  Stretching, Strength, Running and even Outdoor (through headphones).  The variety of the classes and instructors are great. Other than the Outdoor classes, I have taken them all and the quality is superior to any free content that you may find on YouTube.   Here is a screen shot.

Peloton App, Peloton Treadmill, Peloton Bootcamp, Peloton Yoga, Peloton Stretching, Peloton Cardio, Peloton Outdoor, Peloton Strength

For those on the fence, I recommend the 14 free trial to Peloton Digital.

Happy spinning!


Peloton App without bike

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