Hey everybody!  I hope that everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane.

I decided to bring a little fun into my home gym and bought a DISCO BALL for my Peloton rides.  It is SO MUCH FUN!  I turn down the lights and turn on the disco ball – the pattern of the lights change to the beat of the music coming from the Peloton App.  It comes with a small remote that I keep with my bike.

I have added some pictures and videos.

The disco ball is only about 4 inches but easily lights up my whole room. We even brought it out by the pool one night and it lit up the whole deck area.  My kids had a blast with it. I could see us using this at birthday parties, sleep overs, etc.

And if you have a keen eye, you will see that my Keiser M3i arrived and it is wonderful. Review to follow…

Check it out:

Peloton AppDon’t let the size of this disco ball fool you! 
See what a great job it does lighting up the space!?  So much fun.

Here is what the lights from the disco ball look like when you are looking at the TV.  I was concerned that there would be glare but its totally fine.

This thing packs a punch!  Light is dancing everywhere.

Peloton App with My Own Bike

And one last video of me, my disco ball and the Peloton  App.

I raised it off the floor a bit so I didn’t trip over it but you can place it on the floor.

I highly recommend it!  I feel like I am in a night club!

Happy spinning!


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