Hey everybody!  I hope that everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane.

I decided to bring a little fun into my home gym and bought a really fun disco ball for my Peloton rides.  It is SO MUCH FUN!  I turn down the lights, crank up the music and turn on the disco ball – the pattern of the lights change to the beat of the music coming from the Peloton App.  It comes with a small remote that I keep with my bike.

I have added some pictures and videos.

The disco ball is only about 4 inches but easily lights up my whole room. We even brought it out by the pool one night and it lit up the whole deck area.  My kids had a blast with it. I could see us using this at birthday parties, sleep overs, etc.

And if you have a keen eye, you will see that my Keiser M3i arrived and it is wonderful. Review to follow…

Check it out:

Peloton AppDon’t let the size of this disco ball fool you! 
See what a great job it does lighting up the space!?  So much fun.

Here is what the lights from the disco ball look like when you are looking at the TV.  I was concerned that there would be glare but its totally fine.

This thing packs a punch!  Light is dancing everywhere.

Peloton App with My Own Bike

And one last video of me, my disco ball and the Peloton  App.

I raised it off the floor a bit so I didn’t trip over it but you can place it on the floor.

I highly recommend it!  I feel like I am in a night club!

Happy spinning!


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Coach Laura
August 19, 2020 4:16 am

Checking back to report that the Wahoo speed sensor and cadence sensors both worked fabulously with the free Wahoo app! I’m using my 25yo exercise bike and put the speed sensor on the hub of the bike and the cadence on the crank. The app is great too. I watched one of the Global Cycling Network HIIT programs and wahoo recorded 5.1 miles, 18 minutes and 18mph. I didn’t adjust the diameter function on the speed sensor, just used what it came preset. Afterwards, I looked at the kilometer gauge and it came out to 5.2 miles. I also ride… Read more »

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