Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!  Peloton has launched “Peloton Boxing.”  Here is what we know…

What will Peloton Boxing be like?  Details are limited at this point but we know that Kendall Toole, Selena Samuels, and Rad Lopez will kick (or is it punch) things off on December 7th.  From her social media, I know that Kendall has been boxing for years.

Update: Classes are now available. Learn the fundamentals in Week 1 before Week 2 is unlocked.  I can’t wait to take a class!

Each week includes an instructor-recommended schedule. We will get 7 days to take all of the week’s classes. On the 8th day, the next week starts automatically.

Get Hooked Peloton Boxing

Availability?  All boxing classes are available on the App (and of course, also through the integrated screen on the bike and treadmill).

What Peloton Boxing Will Look Like

Here is a copy of screenshots from my phone. This is going to be great on my big screen!

peloton boxing 6 minute warm up

Peloton Boxing warm-up

Equipment Needed?  Other than a  fitness mat, no additional equipment is needed. Certainly nothing like a punching bag or this monster (although it looks kind of fun…).

Recommended Schedule? 5 days of boxing per week.

Peloton Boxing Schedule Week 1

Years ago I really caught the at-home boxing bug with Beach Body’s “Core de Force”  MMA program.  I noted it in a much earlier blog post Core de Force was a mixed martial arts program broken into 3 minute “rounds” with lots of punching, jabbing and kicking.  Shadowboxing, if you will.  The workouts ranged from 6 rounds (27 minutes), 9 rounds (37 minutes )and some 12 exhausting rounds (47 minutes).  Lots of continuous punches or uppercuts, moving push-ups, squat-to-jumps, etc. I imagine that the Peloton Boxing  will have similar routines.

Bring your fists and get ready to punch!

Peloton Boxing

Boxing at home with Peloton

Happy boxing!


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