Comedian Clue Heywood (@ClueHeywood) tweeted some absolutely hilarious comments about the Peloton bike on Twitter.  I had to share!

(I take no credit for the jokes or photos…they were all pulled from @clueheywood‘s twitter feed – I am not as remotely funny as he is. Also, these images are most likely owned by Peloton).

Here are a few of his tweets. Click on any of the images to see the rest of them.


I thought these were all really, really funny!

I love the Peloton App but there is no way that I can afford the bike and the monthly subscription. If you’ve read my earlier blog post you know that I use the Peloton App with a less expensive Sunny bike and track my cadence with a Wahoo cadence sensor. Clue Heywood would definitely not approve!

Happy Spinning!


Peloton App with Wahoo

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