Comedian Clue Heywood (@ClueHeywood) tweeted some absolutely hilarious comments about the Peloton bike on Twitter.  I had to share!  (I take no credit for the jokes or photos…they were all pulled from Clue’s twitter feed – I am not as remotely funny as he is).


Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house

Peloton Bike

I had my carpenter build a $9,000 finished wood riser for my Peloton bike in my glass-enclosed zen garden/home gym

I put my Peloton bike in the center of the panoramic living room window in my New York penthouse

Peloton Bike Alternative

When we visited my parents for Christmas I had to put my Peloton bike right in the living room, they didn’t have a home gym or a conservatory or anything ugh

Peloton Bike for Less

A good place for your Peloton bike is between your kitchen and your living room facing the cactus garden so you always remember virtual spin class

Peloton for Less

I took my Peloton bike to Europe and used it on the balcony of our $2,000/night Airbnb and honestly I felt like I was flying over London, you should try it

Peloton Bike

I have a Peloton at home, at work, and also one placed by the ocean-facing living room windows of our four bedroom beach cottage

Peloton App

Probably the worst thing about putting a Peloton bike in my spotless huge kitchen is when my dumb kid interrupts the workout. Where is Consuela? She has one job!

Peloton App Alternative

Sometimes I’ll move the Peloton bike into our gallery so I can spend time with my half gay husband while he reads Architectural Digest wearing combat boots

Peloton App

My bright and airy sunroom is a great place for the Peloton bike. I leave the arcadia door ajar so I feel like I’m actually riding a bicycle…outside!

Peloton Alternative

My Peloton is in the living room because it’s my favorite work of art aside from the turquoise marble peacock I keep in the fireplace.


The picture windows at our chalet provide breathtaking views from the Peloton bike. In the living room set behind it, all you can see is the Peloton bike.


Sometimes I let the nanny ride my Peloton. But the solarium is my space, so she only can ride in the garage and only when she’s disciplining my children.

Peloton Class

Last year we painstakingly remodeled a midcentury modern house in the hills, including furniture from the period. Then I put my Peloton bike right in the middle of the living room.

Peloton Alternative

This is absolutely unacceptable Peloton placement. This appears to be a basement and not a solarium, conservatory, grotto, inglenook, or rumpus room.

Peloton App Alternative with Wahoo

In the mornings, after my housekeeper meticulously makes my bed, I like to ride my Peloton bike in the window of my high rise and literally look down my nose at people.


You might ask why the windows in front of these Pelotons are so small. Unfortunately space on the yacht is limited and the gym is near the waterline. We manage.

Peloton App

Some people tell me that I should put my living room here because of the amazing view. I have to question their priorities. Who on earth spends more time on their couch than on their Peloton bike?

Peloton App Alternative

My husband says it’s a fire hazard to have the Peloton bike blocking the doors from the living room to the veranda. He doesn’t understand that the Peloton bike will be the first thing I save.

Peloton with Just App

I put the Peloton bike in the kitchen of our loft so I can get a workout and also cook the vegan three-bean tortilla soup recipe I downloaded from Goop.

Take Peloton with App

Ironic that “Peloton” means a group of cyclists when my favorite way to cycle is alone in the guest house living room at our Brentwood mansion.

Peloton App

Our architect suggested a Peloton nook for our pied-à-terre. They do not belong in nooks. They belong where an observatory would be, if you didn’t own a Peloton.

We fired him.

Peloton with Just App

I thought these were all really, really funny!

I love the Peloton App but there is no way that I can afford the bike and the monthly subscription. If you’ve read my earlier blog post you know that I use the Peloton App with a less expensive Sunny bike and track my cadence with a Wahoo cadence sensor. Clue Heywood would definitely not approve!

Happy Spinning!


Peloton App with Wahoo

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