Great news.  Peloton just announced that you can now preload classes with the Peloton App.  This is great if you have WiFi issues (the dreaded buffering) or you want to take the classes on on the go.

Here is what it looks like on the App.  Click the Preload button.

Peloton App Preload

And then click preload again.Preload Peloton Classes

It is that simple.  Note, starting a preloaded class still requires a connection to the internet though.  I don’t have any spotty Wifi issues at home but anticipate  preloading some classes before jumping on a bike at a hotel while on a business trip.

If you have read my earlier post, you already know I love using the Peloton App with my Sunny exercise bike.  I also love that Peloton is thinking about its digital users and how they continually update the App.

Happy spinning!


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