I recently celebrated my 500th Peloton ride on my wonderful (and budget friendly) Sunny Bike. Along the way, my Sunny was used and abused, therefore I made sure to give it some TLC.

Like any piece of machinery, a bit of upkeep is is needed. Here is what I did:

Spin Bike Maintenance

Follow these steps to increase the lifespan of your bike:

  1. Lubrication. I sprayed all the bits and bobs every so often with some good ol’ WD-40. The handlebar and seat shafts, the crank, etc. – I sprayed it all. Have a paper towel handy to wipe-up all the access.

2. Screw it! When you rock the bike as hard as we did, things will slowly come loose. Remember to tighten all the screws and bolts but be careful not to strip anything.

3. Clean. Spinning is sweaty business. And water and sweat can create havoc on your bike. I wipe down my bike with these disinfectant wipes after each ride. Cleaning your bike after each ride will help its lifespan.

4. Brake Pads. My Sunny has felt brake pads and I periodically sprayed them with the WD-40. When you spray the brake pads make sure to crank the pedals a few times.

For a more in-depth look at maintaining brake pads, I’ve included a link here to Sunny’s brake pad lubrication guide and a screen shot from Sunny’s website. Note, I have no affiliation with Sunny, I just love their bike.

Remember to take good care of your spin bike and you will extend its lifespan!

Happy Spinning!


Using my own bike with Peloton App

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