Readers, this is the opposite of one of my usual blogs.  This time I need YOUR advice.  Call it the “Upside Down” blog (that is for all you ‘Stranger Things’ fans out there…).

As many of you know, I have twin boys aged 7 going on 17.  This year they REALLY want a video game console for Christmas.  It is practically the only thing they have talked about wanting for the past couple of years.  While we are not big fans of video of games, we figured that if we can limit their time spent playing and focus on  non-violent games that we would give it a go.

That is where you come in.  I really want to take advantage of some great Black Friday deals but I am not sure which to buy??  I have done some research and narrowed it down to the PS4, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch which more or less all seem the same.  This is where I am at:

Game Console Idea No. 1

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB (PS4).  This is the one I am most familiar with (probably from all their commercials) and leaning towards.  Also, some of their friends have this unit.  But why, oh why, does it only come with one controller?

Game Console Idea No. 2

Xbox One X 1TB.  This one looks awesome, too, but quite frankly, I cannot tell the difference between the PlayStation and the Xbox.  It has “6 teraflops of graphical processing power” whatever the heck that means!  They seem to have the same or similar games, the same amount of speed, etc.  I have read a few complaints about faulty codes for game download which confuses me: can you both buy game cartridges and download games or just one or the other??  With my home connection speeds, I don’t think I want to deal with downloading.  HELP!

Game Console Idea No. 3

Nintendo Switch. The twins’ have mentioned this one a LOT but I am not sold.  The fact that it can be converted to a hand-held device sounds cool BUT I could imagine that it will invite fights when they want to bring it places or even just to other parts of the house.   With the “non-portable” devices you can leave them at home.

So you gamers out there – your advice is desperately needed!!  For me, I’ll just take a Peloton!

How could I ever say no to these faces?





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PS4 – no question.


I am familiar with both PS4 and XBOX, my advise is that you should get PS4 for them. It is my favourite and kids enjoy it a lot.

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