Hi!  A real short one for my readers.  Have you ever spilled some red wine on your couch or rug?  Well, it has happened to me more than once and I have found the absolute best solution.  It is called “Wine Away” and it makes the red wine disappear in minutes.    Just the other day I accidentally kicked over a glass of red wine that I had placed on our rattan rug in our sun room (yes, I know, a very bad spot for a glass of wine…) and the stain disappeared with just a couple of squirts. I was skeptical but it is magical. 

It says that it also  removes coffee, ink, blood, sauces,  fruit punch, red medicine stains, and even pet accidents but I have only ever tried it on red wine.  Next time I will try to remember to take some before and after pictures as long as I am not in full blown panic. Maybe a few squirts, take a Peloton class and then some “after” pictures.

That’s it.  A short and sweet blog post about my wine spills.  Cheers!


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November 22, 2017 3:02 am

This worked great.

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