After several years in business, a BIG shakeup in management and in an effort to rekindle the sales magic that it had during the pandemic, Peloton has finally started selling bikes, clothes and accessories on Amazon Can the bras and tights be any cuter?

Since its launch you could only buy a Peloton bike direct from Peloton (online or in store).   As Peloton seeks to rekindle some of its “pandemic magic” it will now sell all sorts of equipment, apparel, and merchandise on Amazon.  Think Peloton bras, tights, hoodies, hats, water bottles, etc.  And all the instructors are the models!  Emma,  Tunde,  Alex and Olivia.  I love it!

Click on any of the instructor’s photos to see their line.

For bikes, they are only selling the original Peloton Bike and not the Peloton Bike + or the  Peloton Tread.  I  can  only imagine that it will  follow shortly.  Peloton is also selling pre-owned certified bikes.

The Peloton  certainly is beauty but I still prefer my Keiser M3i and streaming the classes on my flat screen TV.   (Screen  failure  or damage has  always  been  my  biggest fear.)PelotonSO MUCH GOOD STUFF!!  I want it all!!  I have a  couple of tanks and sports bras.  A little pricey but great quality. Ride like a boss! There is a ton of merchandise too like water bottles, magnets, and weights (although I don’t know why you need Peloton branded weights when you can get weights much cheaper).

The Peloton Guide.  OK, this gizmo is pretty cool. I don’t  have one but a friend mine does and absolutely loves it.  Peloton Guide is a camera that connects to your TV and lets you see yourself on the screen alongside the instructor so that you can check your form in real time.  Haven’t heard much about it otherwise, though.

I am super excited that I can buy a lot of these things on Amazon!  So easy.

Happy spinning!


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