Are you from Boston and looking for that perfect holiday gift?  Then look no further than my husband’s children’s book, Sully the Squirrel Explores Boston.  It is a well-researched, humorous, and beautifully illustrated tour through the great and historic City of Boston told through the eyes of Sully the Squirrel, a curious little squirrel that has a passion for adventure and is nuts for history (get it?)!  Read on for pictures.

Sully the Squirrel Explores Boston

It’s available on Amazon and has over 2,000 copies sold (until the global pandemic stopped most tourism!).  It’s a great story and makes a great holiday gift.  He wrote it with his old college roommate Brian a couple of years back and I couldn’t be more proud!  There are even some jokes for the parents that will make you laugh and go over your children’s’ heads.  I have included some images below.

This is the front cover of the book with Sully standing in front of Boston’s Old State House, the scene of the Boston Massacre. Sully the Squirrel

Here is a picture of Sully at the Bunker Hill Memorial.   Sully the Squirrel Explores BostonHere he is at the USS Constitution. 

And one last one of Sully winning a “famous road-race in Boston” that cannot be named for copyright reasons…

I hope that you enjoy and have a pleasant holiday season.  OK, now back to my Peloton App musings…

Happy reading!


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