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Elita in L.A.
April 26, 2020 6:15 am

Hi, thanks for this chart. I’m confused though, I thought that since the Keiser maximum resistance is 24, then a peloton equivalent 50% would be 12?

Uncle Mookie
August 12, 2020 4:17 am
Reply to  Elita in L.A.

From a treadmill review site: You are correct – there is no standard measurement of what a “resistance level” is — each company sets and measures their own levels and increments, which makes it difficult to compare. We would love for every company to use the same measurement and/or leveled system! Unfortunately they don’t and not all the levels are equally comparable; for example level 16 on a Keiser bike might be level 58.4 on Peloton, 9.5 on ProForm, and only roughly correspond to Echelon’s level 17, etc. So in a comparative chart with 6 six different bikes there are… Read more »

December 17, 2020 11:55 pm

Seems to be a mismatch and agree with Elita – I was always taking the Peleton resistance and dividing by 4

January 15, 2021 2:47 am

this is so helpful! thank you.

May 1, 2021 11:18 pm

Having ridden in the studio (NYC and London) and on peloton bikes in hotels a number of times but having a Keiser at home and riding the Pelo app for the last 4 years (currently at 3613 rides with peloton and 22812 miles on the keiser since starting pelo) this chart is as accurate as it comes, being that there are not exact comparisons IMO. I usually start my 30 at 11 and go up in 5s. Cheers and happy riding.

May 2, 2021 12:24 am

My pleasure 🙌🏼

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