Sunny Riders!  If you are new here, here is a link to my blog post about converting Peloton resistance levels to a Sunny bike while using the Peloton App. I’ve included a BUNCH of Sunny/Peloton resistance conversion charts to this post, too.  Happy spinning!

What is Resistance?

Resistance is how heavy your wheel feels and the Peloton bike displays your resistance on its screen. It is measured from 1-100. Without it, you need to get a feel for the resistance.   Please realize that instructors calling out resistance numbers is really only an issue with Peloton classes.  If you take indoor cycling classes at the gym, on YouTube or with Apple Fitness+ (come join my Apple Fitness+ Facebook group!), they do not call out resistance – they tell you how heavy your wheel should feel, similar to what you’ve probably experienced back in the day when spin studios were still open pre-pandemic.  But you love Peloton.  So do I.

Sunny Bike/Peloton Resistance Charts

If you don’t want the Peloton/Sunny resistance gauge, I’ve also included my running compilation of Sunny Bike resistance charts that I have found on the web.  As I find more, I will add (WATCH THIS SPACE!)

Sunny B1805 Peloton Resistance ChartPeloton Sunny Resistance

Sunny B1805 Peloton Resistance Chart (V.2)

Sunny B1805 Peloton Resistance Chart (Version 3)

Sunny B1879 Peloton Resistance Chart

Sunny B1986 Peloton Resistance Chart

Resistance gauges and conversion charts are great but nothing beats my disco ball!

Peloton AppI hope that this is helpful!

Happy spinning!


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May 18, 2022 9:54 am

Hello, thank you this information is so helpful. My new Sunny B1986 bike is on its way. Currently I’m using the Yosuda bike and I’m using the Peloton app so I have to feel for the resistance. It’s so hard to tell if I’m even working out at the proper resistance. This resistance chart for the B1986 will definitely come in handy. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

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