Hi gang,

I have some exciting news.  I created a dedicated Apple Fitness+ App Community on Facebook!   I describe it as a safe place to help answer questions, discuss tips, tricks and share best practices while using the Apple Fitness+ AppPlease join!  More details below.

I am REALLY enjoying their spin classes.  Their music seems much better than Peloton at the moment. I suspect it is because Apple already has the rights from Apple Music.
I also love the doing core with Gregg!
The group is not in anyway sponsored by Apple – just a group of us that will be supporting one another through our Fitness+ Journey.
There are a lot of great classes: Cycling, Treadmill, HIIT, Yoga, Core, Strength, Dance, Cooldown and will also have Rowing.   Below is a first look at the instructors (courtesy Apple) and here is a great teaser video from Apple!

I really hope to see you over on my Facebook Page!
Happy Exercising Everyone!
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