Hi there!  I get a lot of emails asking me how I display the Peloton App classes to my TV.  There are several ways and each has its pros & cons.  I’ll share what I know and what I do:

Two ways to display Peloton App classes to TV … Streaming and Mirroring


From my iPad or iPhone I can simply mirror the image from my device directly to my 65” flat screen with my little Apple TV attachment.

Mirroring displays whatever is on your device.  With the Peloton App, you can see your cadence, heart rate, class minutes remaining, and the “Here Now” list (which you can hide). See the image below.  I use my Wahoo cadence sensor and Wahoo heart rate monitor which pairs with the Peloton App.

While this LOOKS great, when I mirror I do have some issues when using my iPad, namely:

  • Buffering.  For some reason, when I mirror to my TV I get a lot of buffering, meaning times when I can hear the audio but the screen is more or less frozen. Peloton support mentioned that my TV may be too far away from my router BUT it is actually quite close.
  • Screen size.  While not a huge deal, the mirrored video does not take up the full screen.  See the vertical black bars to the left and right of the instructor?
  • Text Messages.  Since it is mirroring, anything that comes up on your iPad or iPhone is displayed on your TV. So for instance, if you get a text message it pops right up on your TV. I find this super distracting.

Watching Peloton APP classes on my TV

Here is an image of how to mirror from your iPad or iPhone.  You just swipe down from the top of your phone and there it is. Simply click “Screen Mirroring” and you are good to go.  By the way, I just upgraded and got this iPhone 11 PLUS and it is FANTASTIC (its been a very, very long time since I got a new phone).

Mirror display Peloton APP from phone to TV

Now, if I mirror my iPhone, the screen is a bit wider but I lose some display with horizontal lines on the top and bottom of screen.  Between the two, I prefer this method when mirroring as I think it looks better, although I still have the same issues with buffering, texts, etc.

iPhone Mirror Peloton


I stream.  Streaming displays the class directly to the TV but with the FULL-SCREEN experience.  See the image below.  Notice that with streaming I no longer see cadence, heart rate, class minutes remaining, and the “Here Now” list on my TV. Since I use my trusty iPhone holder to display my cadence and HR via my Wahoo App, I do not need to display my cadence and HR on the screen.  While I lose the on-screen metrics, I gain the full screen PLUS I do not have any buffering, class freezing, or distractions from text messages. To each her own.

Streaming full screen of Peloton APP on TV

And when you stream, you simply click “Apple TV.”

Apple TV

AV ConnectorsFireStick

In addition to mirroring and streaming, I have friends that connect with either a combination of an  Apple Lighting AdapterAV connectors  (like connecting a laptop to a monitor) or they use something like an Amazon Firestick or Chromecast wireless dongle and they get the type of experience that is closest to the mirroring that I described above with the bonus of full-screen experience.  I haven’t tried and it can’t speak to it, although with the AV connectors there is a cord that will run from your device to TV.

Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter
Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter
Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device
Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device

Did you connect your Peloton App to TV?

I hope this helped you display your Peloton App to TV. I bet that there are other methods out there that I am not familiar with and hope readers will chime in with their thoughts.

Happy spinning!


Beth Spins

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Harold Sogard
March 27, 2020 5:33 am

This, and all your related posts, are super helpful as I figure out how to do my own “Peloton hack.” Thanks for doing them!

March 31, 2020 11:14 pm

If i use the Wahoo sensors and my apple watch, will connecting these features to the Peloton App allow me to be included in the class standings during the ride?

April 15, 2020 9:52 pm

We found your suggestions so helpful and have been using our Iphone to screen mirror in landscape mode to our Apple TV. We use the wahoo cadence sensor you suggested and Apple watch for heart rate, with the Peloton app. But it seems like the Peloton app on iOS has suddenly lost the ability to screen mirror in landscape mode so as to see metrics on Apple TV. We can still screen mirror in portrait mode from the iPhone but screen mirroring in landscape mode now just Airplays the full video screen without metrics. Is this also happening for you… Read more »

April 16, 2020 2:27 pm

Thanks for replying so quickly 🙂

Yes, it still happens on reboot, with both iPhone and iPad.

We are using the following software versions (all are the most recent) :

iPhone – iOS 13.4.1
Apple TV – tvOS 13.4 (17L256)
Peloton digital app – v 12.6.0 (20919)

Are those the versions with which you can still see metrics on the TV when screen mirroring in landscape mode ?

April 16, 2020 10:28 pm

Haha no problem Beth, my lovely partner is the same way. We have now found the same problem on multiple of our devices running different versions of iPhone, iPad and Apple TV software. So it appears that the latest version of the Peloton Digital app V12.6.0 (20919) released 3 days ago may have broken the screen mirror function in landscape mode so that metrics can no longer be viewed. I suggest that people turn off automatic app updates from the app store if they still have the old version of the Peloton Digital app and want to avoid the problem… Read more »

Karrie Kelly
June 13, 2020 5:42 am

Okay. Is the cadence rate showing on the top left of the screen your personal cadence, or the cadence suggested by the instructor? I downloaded the peloton and wahoo apps and can’t figure out how to get that to show up. I am using my laptop to operate the Peloton website and it’s not showing the cadence or any other metrics on my screen like your pictures. I downloaded the app on my phone (android) and it’s the same thing. Any idea of that’s an Apple feature? TIA!

December 22, 2020 4:49 am

Helpful, thank you!

January 11, 2021 9:15 am

When you are streaming and relying on your iphone with the wahoo sensor to detect your cadence, does that information reflect in completion of the workout summary?

January 16, 2021 3:41 am

No it doesn’t, in my experience. You can only connect your cadence sensor to one app on one phone/ipad at a time. So if you are displaying it on the Wahoo app then you have to disconnect it from the Peloton app. Which means if you go into the profile workout summary you do not see your actual cadence throughout the class. I just link the cadence sensor in the peloton app and then chromecast my peloton app to the TV. The cadence does not show up on the TV (as you mentioned, same as streaming), but the peloton app… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Henry
February 20, 2021 1:28 am

I just did the same thing and cast the workout on my tv and monitored my cadence and heart rate with my phone. However, it didn’t store any data. It shows on the Peleton app that I did a workout with heart rate or cadence information. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.

February 21, 2021 11:53 pm

Thanks for your quick response.

February 12, 2021 6:35 am

Do you have an article on how you connected your sensors to the peloton app?

December 28, 2021 1:27 am

When mirroring or streaming on a big tv, can the instructor still see me? Is there a camera for on top of my tv?

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