‏You’ve seen the news.   Inflation!  Recession! What does all mean?  It means you should treat yourself and take advantage of some great Peloton Deals!

My Best Peloton Accessory Finds

Here are my top 10 recommended holiday deals:

1.  Foam Roller.

Foam rollers are GREAT for working out the kinks after a ride on your Peloton.  Why not make it a vibrating foam roller?foam roller

2.  Kettle Balls.

Muscle burns fat and you need weights to make muscle!  Here is a 3 piece kettle ball set.

kettle balls

3.  Yoga mat.

Don’t be gross. Use a yoga mat when on the floor.

yoga mat

4.  An Apple Watch.

It is SO  MUCH more than a watch now.  Monitor your heart rate, steps, calories burned, get text messages, etc.   You can even give yourself an EKG.   Sync it to your Peloton or use it with Apple Fitness. 

Apple Watch

5.  An Exercise Bike.

Pelotons are expensive but have dropped in price and you can now get them on Amazon.   How about an entry-level spin bike like this Sunny or something more substantial like the Keiser M3i to use along with the Peloton App?exercise bike

spin bike

6.  Tower Fan.

This is what I use in my basement gym.  

7. Exercise Ball. 

Exercise balls  ARE great for the abs.

exercise ball URBNFit

8.  How about some Apple Air Pods?

Great for both indoors and outdoor classes! I use these on my walks in the woods when listening to podcasts or Peloton “walk” classes.

Apple Air Pods

9. Theragun.

Deep tissue massage at home?  Yes  please!Theragun

10.   A Disco Ball! 

Get the party started.  A mini-disco ball is a must have and turns your workout into a party!

Disco Ball

11.  I couldn’t decide on a just 10 so here is one more – a space saving treadmill on wheels

spacing treadmill There you have it. My top 10 Peloton accessory gift ideas for Amazon’s Black Friday!

Happy shopping!


Beth Jane Spins with disco ball

Disclaimer:  My Sipping & Shopping blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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