I was just re-watched my ABC News interview and thought I would re-post.  It was so fun to do and was all about using the Peloton App with my own bike, Wahoo sensors and phone holder. 

Here is the interview in case you missed it!

Workout Hack – Alternatives to Peloton

They decided to interview me after they came across my step-by-step blog post and follow-up reviews explaining how to get the Peloton experience by using the Peloton App with your own bike.

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve also posted my 6-month & 12-month reviews here:

6-Month Review; Peloton App Without the Bike

My 12-Month Peloton App Review; Using the App Without the Peloton Bike

Happy Spinning!


Update: I since upgraded to a Keiser exercise spin bike.

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Lise Ridgway
January 2, 2020 10:57 am


I’m thrilled that I found your article! Like you, I conduct my research sipping wine in the evening. I stumbled across sipping and shopping blog while researching using my own spin bike with the Peloton app. I wanted to understand the cadence/resistance levels on Peloton versus my bike.

This was useful info and will definitely help on my wellness journey with my bike and the Peloton app.

Thanks again and Happy New Year

March 26, 2020 11:43 am

my wife has reservations about me building this set up for her as she kind of hates tech. shes afraid each time she wants to ride she will have 5-10 minutes of setup and then various hiccups?

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