Well, its been 6 months since I started my Peloton journey with my fantastic Sunny bike and I could not be happier.   I cannot say enough good things about the Peloton app (that they now call Peloton Digital).  I have lost weight,  I am sleeping better than ever and I am much more energetic. The classes are interactive and communal but at the same time very intimate.  Also, the instructors rock – they are very motivational and push you to your limit.  I get a lot of email asking about how all the components of my “Peloton alternative” are holding up so I thought I would post a review about some of the items that I recommended in my original Peloton blog.  Read on…

Sunny Bike.  This bike takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  It has had a LOT of use between me and my husband and it is as good today as it was when we first assembled it.  It is sturdy, easy to use and for what its worth – it looks great.  We both spin  3 or 4 days a week and take either  30 minute or 45-minute classes and haven’t had any issues.  Some people have reported an occasional squeaking noise but it hasn’t been an issue for us.   The only maintenance we have had to do was to tighten a couple of bolts but that is to be expected.  There are many varieties of bikes out there (cheaper alternatives and more expensive, too)  but for the budget conscious like us this one had everything we needed and we have not been disappointed.  We assembled it ourselves (it was fairly easy to do) but some choose to use Amazon Home Services to have it assembled for them.My Peloton Bike Alternative; A Great Money Saving Hack 9Here I am in action:

Peloton Digital App.  The Peloton app just keeps getting better with age.  Literally, every day it gets better as they record and archive all the daily workouts for the on-demand selection.  I absolutely LOVE the variety of classes.   As mentioned in my earlier Peloton review blog, the monthly Peloton subscription fee is $12.99 and it is worth every penny (on July 1, 2018 the cost went up to $19.49). Even with the increase, using the app is a less expensive alternative.  There is a two-week free trial and you can cancel at any time. From the Peloton app, I can now choose from over 9,500  pre-recorded classes or access 20 live daily classes (it was around 3,500 when I first started).  What I love is being able to filter the class selection.  I can select spinning classes by:

  • Length: 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 120 minute classes.
  • Type: Beginner, Low Impact, Ryhtym, Live DJ, Theme, Metrics, Climb, Intervals, Heart Rate Zone, Power Zone, and Pro Cyclist.
  • Music Genre: Alternative, Classic Rock, Country, Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, R&B and Rock.

I can choose from 25 different cycle instructors.  My favorite instructor is Emma Lovewell (for 6 months strong) although Jess King is growing on me, too. It is all very well done.  I stream the classes directly to my big screen by streaming from my iPad to my TV via a little Apple TV box.


My Peloton Bike Alternative; A Great Money Saving Hack 25

UPDATE 1:  The Peloton Digital App now includes a lot more than Cycling. It’s great!  There is Bootcamp, Yoga, Strength, Stretch,  Outdoor, Toning and Running.  The running classes are associated with the new Peloton treadmill and the bootcamp classes are both on and off the treadmill.

UPDATE 2.  Another exciting update is that Peloton is now also available in Canada and in the United Kingdom!   Welcome to the Peloton community, England and Canada!

peloton app classes

We just had a mirror installed in the home gym and we are pretty excited about it!  It helps to see our form.


6 months riding with Peloton app

Wahoo Speed & Cadence Sensor.    I have both the speed and cadence sensors attached to my bike. What I have determined is that you only really need the cadence sensor.  The speed sensor is a “nice to have” but I have no way of knowing if it is accurate (am I really biking 21 MPH?) and it does not really factor into my workouts.  Save a few bucks and buy just the standalone cadence sensor.

A reader asked that I post pictures of where I placed the Speed & Cadence sensors.

Here is a picture of the Wahoo Speed Sensor on the front wheel:Wahoo Speed & Cadence Sensor

Here is a picture of the Wahoo cadence sensor attached to the inside of the pedal:

Wahoo Candence buy on Amazon

Wahoo Fitness App.  This free app is great. It reports my cadence, heart rate, speed, workout time and workout distance.  It works perfect and keeps a record of all my workouts (although I tend not to look at the history too often).   I once had an issue with my speed sensor connecting to the app but that was just a battery.  Also, I like that I can automatically upload my results to the MyFitnessPal app where I track my calories, weight, etc.   Wahoo: If you are listening, a “Personal Best” feature of some sort would be nice in the future.

Wahoo speed and cadence

Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor.  This helps me keep track of my calories burned.  (As silly as it sounds, I don’t really use it to monitor my heart rate – I just use it to track my calories).  Over the winter I have had issue with it not activating until about 5 minutes into my workout which was super annoying.  Wahoo customer service was very helpful and their suggestion worked – here was their response:

“I’m sorry for the troubles. We see irregular data or erratic readings like this most often due to dry skin or wearing a dry-fit/tech t-shirt. These shirts can cause additional static electricity which results in odd readings. You can use an antistatic agent or what might be simpler would be to test this without one of these shirts on to see if you’re getting these odd readings.
Also, you’ll want to make sure the strap is wet as this will help the connection and prevent odd readings. Saliva or an electrode gel typically work best, so please make sure you get the strap wet before putting it on.


My Peloton Bike Alternative; A Great Money Saving Hack 26

Max Miles Phone Holder.  It does its job and holds my phone so that I can see my cadence, heat rate, minutes, etc.  It is really easy to attach and adjust when necessary.  No complaints.

max miles phone holder

Here is what it looks like on the handlebars of my Sunny bike:

phone on bike handlebars

Seat Cushion.  A must.  I have never met a spin bike seat that was comfortable.  We have two cushions (Him & Hers) for hygiene reasons.   I find that it makes a difference for those parts of the classes where you are not out of the seat.

The Cart. I feel silly mentioning it but the cart is alive and well. It holds my iPad, some 3 and 5 pound weights, paper towels, the extra seat cushion, and the TV remote.  I do love that it is on wheels.  We found it takes up less space if we move it to the front!

A couple of months ago I had a great time being interviewed by the ABC News “7 on Your Side Team” in New York about using the Peloton app without the bike – they called it my “Peloton hack.”  It was loads of fun.  Here is a link to my post about the interview: Peloton App Review; Cheaper Options Exist for Taking the Peloton Plunge   

Even my kids are even getting into the action:

Maybe next I will review the Peloton treadmill (the “Peloton Tread“) but only if I find a less expensive treadmill…

Last Words of Advice

If you are on the fence about spending the money on the Peloton bike, think about taking 200 rides or so on a cheaper biker.  If you make it to 200 and still feel the burning desire for a Peloton, go for it. If it has turned into a clothes hanger, well there is your answer…

Drop me a note if you have any questions.

Happy Spinning!


Disclaimer:  My Sipping & Shopping blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. 

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Nice work on your Peloton hack. It looks great. I have one question:
By what method are you streaming the app content to your large screen?
Chuck Courtney


By what method did you stream Peloton app content to your TV?


What have you found to work best to determine your level of resistance? Do you have a rule if thumb what 40-40 resistance should feel like, what 50-60 should feel like? I know I’m getting a good work out because heart rate gets up to 177 and am working mostly in anaerobic phase based on Wahoo app so maybe I’m pushing the resistance to much?

Thanks for this hack I’ve followed it to a t and have been very pleased only been doing it 2 weeks but am loving it!


Thank you for this info its working great. I probably would not have spent the money for a peloton but this is a brilliant alternative. Been riding for a couple weeks now. Just read your update as well about getting a cadence sensor instead of speed and cadence sensor which was originally recommended so the savings continues. I will order the cadence and heart monitor soon. Where do you mount the cadence sensor ? TY again

How do you connect the Peleton app to your TV?


Hey! Just curious about your bike – did you have to buy spin cleats for it? I couldn’t tell from the video as your feet were pretty speedy! 🙂

Misty White

Thank you so much for your original post and this update!! I also appreciated you showing in the video how you did the speed sensor as I wanted to have both that and the cadence. Happy Spinning!!!

Karen Kaiser Lee

Hi! This is super helpful. Do you know if the heart monitoring capabilities of the Apple Watch would do in place of the Wahoo heart rate monitor?


Does the bike you use have clip in pedals so you can wear spin shoes?


Hello Beth, I just wondering if you are still spinning using the Sunny and enjoying it? I am thinking of doing this. Thank you,

Thanks so much for putting this together. I just ordered my own bike based upon your recommendations. Looks like you can now stream Peloton Digital from your computer to any TV via the Chrome Cast. This is how it’s working at my home anyway. Doing my first workout of Yoga while I wait for the bike.

Ramah Mannan

I was wondering about Chrome Cast! I can’t figure out how to do this. Usually, there is the little chrome cast icon when you open the app, but I don’t see it…Are you casting from your computer or an iPad?

Sarah Golden Martin

Hi! Super helpful review and love your set up. Just wondering, do you and your husband use the same Peloton subscription? Or would we have to subscribe one account each ?


I have a Nordictrack quadflex commercial 1500 treadmill. It inclines to 15% and declines to -3%. I was wondering if the Peloton digital app would be a good idea to use. I dislike gyms, would like to follow videos or stream live classes in order to keep from getting bored with my work outs.


This info is *exactly* what I was looking for! I’ve got my road bike on an indoor trainer, and was trying to figure out if I could do a Peloton class. Thanks!


with this app can you see your friends and family work out at the same time as you are working out.
With peloton bike programme you can.

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