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Its been almost two years since I started using the Peloton App with my Sunny Spin Bike and my Wahoo cadence and speed sensors.  What an amazing experience.  I am in the best shape of my life and more importantly I have proven to myself that I have a passion for spinning – I am so happy with the variety of Peloton class options, have exercised my butt off and the bike didn’t turn into a clothes hanger.

Now its time for me to consider an upgrade.  Why?  For no reason in particular.  My Sunny still works great.  I just want to move to more of a commercial grade excerise bike.  I have stashed away $100 per month for the past two years and I am deciding between a Keiser M3i and of course, the Peloton.

After doing a LOT of research comparing and contrasting the two spin bikes – thought I would share what I found.

After many nights aimlessly wandering the web, I came across this PHENOMENAL spreadsheet created by Peloton App User Liz Ducey (leader board name  #irish_siren).   It is an incredible,  in-depth comparison of the features, functionalities and costs of the two bikes. Consider it the ultimate list of Keiser/Peloton pros and cons.  I was so excited to find it as it saved me hours of research.  With her permission, I am sharing her incredible work with my followers.  Here it is:

PROS & CONS: Peloton Bike vs Keiser M3i Bike (Peloton App) (download XLS)

Lots of food for thought here.  For example, I hadn’t thought about the Peloton technology (the screen) aging  from the day you buy it and the potential need for replacement screens in the future (damage, upgrade, etc.).

Also, it seems to boil down to the fact that the Keiser is a commercial grade spin bike with exceptional durability and quality where the Peloton is a lesser quality residential exercise bike (but still awesome) that has the all built in social features.

I know which way I am leaning (hint,  the  classes will still only cost me $13 per month as I detailed in my original “Peloton without the Bike” post two years ago).

UPDATE: A reader just sent me this link to StudioCycle’s video comparison of the pros & cons of the Peloton and Keiser.  There is some really interesting content there, too. It is worth a watch.

Let me know what you think. Was this helpful?

Happy spinning!



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