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I get a lot of email asking about the Wahoo cadence and speed sensors that I mentioned in my earlier “Peloton on a Budget” blog post so I thought I would write a post dedicated to all things Wahoo.

When taking a Peloton class, knowing your cadence number is a must.  While riding, Peloton instructors shout out how fast you should be pedaling – this is what is known as your “cadence.”    The actual Peloton bike and other bikes like the Keiser M3i  display  your cadence.  For everyone out there using the Peloton App with a budget friendly bike (like me), you need to get a cadence sensor.  But with so many on the market, its difficult to know what to buy.

After a ton of research, we bought a Wahoo cadence sensor and a Wahoo speed sensor.  We simply attached the cadence sensor to the left pedal of our wonderful Sunny bike,  the speed sensor to the front wheel and downloaded the free Wahoo Fitness app to our phones. The Wahoo sensors transmit your cadence and speed via Bluetooth to your phone and the Wahoo app displays your cadence, speed, heart rate calories, workout time, miles biked, etc.   It also keeps a record of your workouts.

A recent upgrade to the Peloton app allows riders to display their cadence and heart rate directly to the  tablet  instead of needing to use the Wahoo app. (I’ve included pictures below).  This is great but if you are streaming classes from the tablet to a TV like me the cadence and heart rate do not display on the TV.  So, long story short, the upgrade doesn’t change our set up -we continue to use the Wahoo app.  We bought a MaxMiles mobile phone holder and attached it to the bike’s handlebars for ease of visibility.

You may have noticed that I said cadence is essential.  I do not feel the same way about the speed sensor.   I would categorize it as a “nice to have” so that you can measure your distance and so that all the fields are showing in the Wahoo app (there is no “N/A” displayed under Speed).  So if you want to save a few bucks, you can buy just the Wahoo cadence sensor without the speed sensor for a little bit cheaper.

Here is what the Wahoo app and sensors look like:My Peloton Bike Alternative; A Great Money Saving Hack 21

And here is the MaxMiles mobile phone holderMy Peloton Bike Alternative; A Great Money Saving Hack 5Wahoo App Display

Here is the Wahoo App in our MaxMiles phone holder attached to our Sunny bike.  So that you can get a feel for it, here is what it is showing: Cadence 57, Heart Rate 114, Speed 15.6 mph; Workout Time 48.01 and Workout Distance 16.62.

Wahoo app on iPhone holder-on spin bike

Metrics Displayed on Screen  

Now here is a picture of what the heart rate and cadence look like if you are using a tablet to take the classes.  This is awesome and I just wish that when you stream to the TV that it would also show on the TV.

Peloton App Review

We also bought a Wahoo heart rate monitor.  This is needed to measure how many calories you are burning (and to monitor your heart rate, of course…).  It has worked just fine although a few months ago we had an issue with the monitor not activating until a few minutes into the workout.  Super annoying.  We reached out to Wahoo and they told us to spit on it.  Well, not exactly – here was their response:

“I’m sorry for the troubles. We see irregular data or erratic readings like this most often due to dry skin or wearing a dry-fit/tech t-shirt. These shirts can cause additional static electricity which results in odd readings. You can use an antistatic agent or what might be simpler would be to test this without one of these shirts on to see if you’re getting these odd readings.  

Also, you’ll want to make sure the strap is wet as this will help the connection and prevent odd readings. Saliva or an electrode gel typically work best, so please make sure you get the strap wet before putting it on.”

Here is a picture of the cadence sensor on the pedal of the bike (look closely).Wahoo Candence buy on AmazonHere is a picture of the speed sensor on the wheel.

Wahoo Speed & Cadence Sensor

Overall, we are very happy with all of the Wahoo devices – the cadence and speed sensors, the heart rate monitor and their app.  Easy to set up, easy to use.

Leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions.

Happy Spinning!


Peloton App with Wahoo

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Thank you for all this great info !
I am debating if I should by a wahoo heart rate monitor AND cadence sensor separately or simply buy the TICKR X which is supposed to have both metrics but I cannot find any info on people using the TICKR X with the peloton app to display both metrics …
thank you in advance


Hi, Is the speed sensor needed to gain the distance readout? Ty


Silly question. the instructions with the speed sensor say to put it on the hub…but you put it out on the wheel. How did you make that work and calibrate it?


Is there a way to change mph to rpm??


Great info!!! So helpful. I’m thinking if you mirror play an Ipad or iphone thru AppleTV to your TV then it would show up. This may get me to pull the trigger on another Apple TV unit for our homegym TV


I use the peloton app on my phone, from what I’m reading if I buy the wahoo cadence sensor I won’t be able to view both the cycle class and the wahoo app at the same time? Is this correct? I would have to stream peloton app to tv and then view speed and cadence on phone? Thank you!

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