After 550 rides with my first love – this Sunny Exercise Bike – I’ve finally taken the plunge and treated myself to a Keiser M3i.  It is a beauty!   My Sunny was still in great shape and in fact, I gave it to a good friend.  I just wanted something new and shiny now that I proved to myself that I am in this for the long hall.  According to my calculations, I think spent about $0.75 per ride with over 500 rides.

I will be sharing my  Keiser M3i review in the coming weeks but first I wanted to say a fond goodbye to my beloved Sunny:  From the first day we met, you treated me so well and taught me to love spinning again. I am so glad that you have found a nice home – I will visit, I promise!

My Sunny Exercise Bike

6 months riding with Sunny exercise bike
6 months riding with Sunny exercise bike

My Last Sunny Exercise Bike Ride

Goodbye Sunny cycle!

Happy spinning!


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