Here it is – this year’s No. 1 Peloton App Accessory! Plenty of pictures and videos below.

Whether you are shopping for someone that needs a little more fun spinning at home or you are looking to spice up your spin life, this gadget is a no-brainer!

Disco Ball & Spinning

You guessed it… it’s a  DISCO BALL  It is SO MUCH FUN!  I’ve been raving about this thing for a while and it’s an absolute game-changer.  The lights change to the beat of the music (among 9 total options).

I like to turn off all the lights, turn on the disco ball and crank the music.  It was AMAZING with Peloton’s Metallica 45 minute ride this week.   It comes with a small remote that I keep with my other remotes.  Check it out:

Click on my picture below to see if its still available on Amazon.  Peloton App and My Own Bike

Another view

Here is what the machine looks like.  See how small?

(Update: it  appears that  due  to  the  popularity of  the ball  it  is  temporarily  out  of  stock  so  I’ve  added  some links  at  the  top  of the  page  to  some  other  options.) One last video – this time with Jess King being lit up by the disco ball!

You cannot go wrong getting this disco ball for anyone that loves to spin at home!  Keep an eye out for special savings on Amazon’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Happy spinning!

Peloton App and My Own Bike

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December 2, 2020 10:44 am

For peloton app do I need second subscription for second user?

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